Make a Stage! - With Roll Out Bed!

Introduction: Make a Stage! - With Roll Out Bed!

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Ever wanted to make a stage?.. Well now you can!
I do DJ gigs and I was running out of space to put my DJ gear, So why not build a stage?

This project took me just over a 3 weeks from drawing the plans to the finished project. I enjoyed this project and it was probably one of the best projects i've undertaken!

I hope you enjoy this project!


Step 1: Materials and Tools


16 x 33cm of 2'' x 4'' kiln dried wood
2 x 120cm of 3'' x 2'' kiln dried wood
6 x 238cm of 3'' x 2'' kiln dried wood
100mm screws
Loft boards
40mm screws
75mm screws


Screw driver
Saw, I used B & Q cutting service to cut it
Measuring tape
Counter sink

Step 2: Making the Legs

To make the legs you will first need:

16 x 33cm of 2'' x 4'' kiln dried wood
75mm screws

First Place two of the 33cm lengths of 2'' x 4''  wood next to each other, like picture one. Then join them together like shown in picutre 3 with a 75mm screw, one on each side. Remember to drill a pilot hole and counter sink the hole.

Repeat this 8 times and you've done the legs!

Step 3: Assembling the Legs

Firstly you will need to decide what size you stage is going to be.. If you are having a pull out bed I would recomend nothing over 2.5m wide. Other wise it can be as big as the whole room! I would also note where the plug points are so you can access them.

My stage measured 238cm by 120cm. I will give the instructions for my size stage.

First lay two legs, 120cm apart (Or how wide you stage is) at each corner of your room then lay one in the middle of those two (at 60cm). Next lay 2 legs at 80cm Increments (beetween each side of the stage at the back). Lay them at were the back of your stage is going to be.

Step 4: Stage Frame

To assemble the stage frame you will need:

2 x 120cm of 3'' x 2''
6 x 238cm of 3'' x 2''
100mm screws

First place the 120cm lengths on wood at each end of the stage, like shown in picture 1. Once you have done this drill a pilot hole for the screw and then screw a 100mm screw through the 120cm lengths of wood then into the leg.
Next place 1 length of wood measuring 238cm across the back of the stage and then screw it in like shown before.
Note: Place the length of wood a bit from the back like shown in picture 9.

After that place two lengths of wood measuring 238cm across the middle like shown in picture 7. Each piece of wood should have 5cm resting on each leg. Screw these down and then screw them together.

Repeat it for the front and you've finished the frame!

Step 5: Stage Platform

To make the platform for the stage I used loft board. I used 7 boards measuring 13'' each. The loft boards worked really well as they are strong, durable and they can interlock.

Firstly lay as many loft boards as you need on to the stage. You may need to cut them a bit shorter if there are any wall sockets. Once they are all in position screw them in with 40mm screws.
After all of that is done you can paint it, I chose to paint mine white!

Step 6: Pull Out Bed and Units.

I used the Ikea ODDA pull out bed, Its not too expensive and its colour blended very well with my stage. It comes with instructions, so I don't really need to upload them.
I also chose to have a cabinet to hold some of my DJ equipment which also came from ikea. I mounted a desk as well (which I made my self) from two large shelf brackets and some laminated wood.

Now your finshed!

Step 7: Your Finshed!

I hope you enjoy the stage and the build!

Thanks for looking!


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love it! Do you have any idea how much weight the stage will support? I'd like to make it bigger for a queen sized trundle bed, and put a dresser, desk and chair on the stage. I can add oak floor boards on top of the loft boards if that helps, and I can put more legs on the sides and back, but do I need more reinforcement unerneath that big a stage???


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hey wimsycat, know this was six years ago, but did you ever find suitable plans for this? Looking everywhere and the bed-under-the-floor design is all the rage right now in Germany and other spots in Europe, but can't find any adaptable plans (other than ones not designed for beds, like this one). Let me know if so! Thx


    10 years ago on Introduction

    about how much would you say this cost to build?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Without the roll out bed: Around £60-70
    With rollout bed: £ around £120




    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great project! I am moving into a new house soon and Always wanted a stage for my guitar playing. Thanks for the ideas dude.

    However I might go the extra mile and put some kind of frame around the bed. And maybe paint the back wall green so you can use it for a greenscreen. Just some Ideas.