Simple Mehandi Design

Introduction: Simple Mehandi Design


Hi my name is Shanawaz banu, I am from Kaggalipura Project DEFY nook. I like Mehandi design because I believed that I can earn more money through this. I have been practicing mehandi design from past last one year. now I will show you how to draw simple mehandi design. this my first documentation on Instructables.

Step 1: Draw a Flower

Wash your hand before apply mehandi, now draw flower design at the center of the palm which is as shown in the image.

Step 2: Enlarge Flower Design

Now enlarge flower design with heart shape petals, If you want you can draw any other design.

Draw mango shape on top of flower design or any other designs which is as shown in second image.

Like this draw and enlarge your own design as you wish.

Step 3:

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)