Simple PPE Gown




Introduction: Simple PPE Gown

This pattern is for a very quick to make single use PPE gown. To make this a reusable gown hem all seams or use bias tape or an overlock stitch so it doesn't fray in the wash.

Step 1: Cut Pattern From a 72" by 58" Piece of Fabric

Step 2: Stitch Together

Fold down the top of the fabric with right sides facing together and line up the arms. Stitch along the under arms with a 3/16" seam allowance.

Turn right sides out and pin an 8 foot long piece of bias tape or ribbon to the front center as shown. Sew down 10" of the tie but be careful not to stitch together the front and back pieces.

Cut a 1" slot 2" away from both cuffs. These thumb holes are so the sleeves are easier to fit into gloves.


Step 3: Cut Lots of Gowns With Minimal Fabric Waste

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    The description says single use and reusable gown. This is a little confusing.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Great! I'll try to do the same with yours. It's sort of strange to create a pattern I hope no one ever needs to make.