Introduction: Simple PVC Tonfa

A simple, lightweight tonfa that's great for practicing

Step 1: Materials

A few feet of 1" Diameter Schedule 40 PVC
1x "T" connector (1")
PVC Cleaner/Primer/Cement

Step 2: Construction

Cut 2 lengths of PVC that are slightly longer than the width of your hand. Then, cut a longer piece that is a little bit longer than your forearm. After sanding the 3 pieces, you should clean and prime the ends of the pipes before cementing them in place. It should look like half of a lower-case "t".

If you wanted to add more weight to it, you could fill it with metal pellets or something and cement end caps onto the pipes.

Step 3: Finishing

After the glue has dried, you will most likely want to paint it. I suggest black Plastidip textured paint, as acrylic would make it look very cheaply made. I ran out of Plastidip before I made this, so ended up using Rustoleum Rust-Converter, which gave it an interesting texture.

The result is a very lightweight practice tonfa. I tested it against a punching bag and it held up quite well. I'm not sure how effective it would actually be in combat, since it lacks weight.

For more information on how to wield and use a tonfa:

*Note: This is a weapon and can be dangerous if not used properly. I assume no responsiblity or liability for any injuries you or others sustain from the use of this instructable.