Introduction: Simple Planner/Journal

Got some spare paper, cardboard, and some book rings? If you do, then you can create this simple contraption. A really simple and easy to do planner/journal. This is very useful if you need to jot down some notes or plan ahead!


-Cardboard/poster board.



-Hole puncher

-Paper, depending on how many sheets of paper you would like.

-Book rings, any size works.

-Scissors or anything to cut cardboard with.

-Paint *not necessary*

Step 1: Tracing

First things first, Grab your piece of cardboard or poster board. Next place 1 sheet of paper on top of it. Trace the paper but with at most 1in between the paper and the tracing. Redo the same previous step with a different area of the cardboard or poster board.

Step 2: Cut Out Tracing

Now you should have 2 traces a little bigger than the pieces of paper you are using. Following up is then to take your scissor or box cutter and cut the traces out.

Step 3: Punching Holes

Punch some holes into the cutout cardboard *2 or 3 holes*. Now for the pieces of paper, you want to punch holes where you punched the holes in the cardboard.

Step 4: Optional: Painting

This part is optional and not necessary but, set aside your cardboard and paint the cardboard if you want to look nice and neat. Again this is not necessary. Wait until the paint dries.

Step 5: Insert Rings

Now insert your rings into the holes on the card board.

Step 6: Insert Pieces of Paper

Now depending on how many pieces of paper you want. You can finally insert the paper by opening the rings and adding the paper between the pieces of cardboard.

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