Simple Pond Fountain




Introduction: Simple Pond Fountain

Simple, low cost steps to setting a killer mid-sized fountain in your YARDEN pond.  Bring some vision, patience, creativity and drive and you'll come out with "everyday zen..."  Just sharing ideas and ways to inexpensively build out your pond fountain system.

Important note:  Stay away from those boutique pond stores that upcharge 2.5X or more.  Stay simple, focused and shop around you can do this all for under $350.

Step 1: Setting the Vision

Bring your vision, sketch it out, and be open to experimentation, trial and error.  To not error, is to not try.  Be open to failure as that is what gardening is at times...especially open, patient, focused and get into the mix...

Step 2: Layout in Detail

Jotting the flow and grand vision...

Step 3: Needed Items (in Overview)

Just sharing what you may need to get it all done...

Step 4: A Few More Details...

Step 5: Closing It Out...

Sharing the in process and final...

Step 6: Everyday Zen...

Done with the dog-friendly YARDEN pond fountain...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You might be able to enter this in the water challenge.