Introduction: Simple Rubber Band Gun Using Laser Cutter

I wanted to create some nice looking, but fast assembling rubber band guns for a kids party. As I did not find what I liked, I created it myself, based on this project. To build this gun, access to a laser cutter is necessary. Look for a FabLab in your neighborhood; FabLab is great!


Apart from a laser cutter, supplies needed are limited:

  1. 4mm thick plywood
  2. round tooth picks
  3. sand paper
  4. glue
  5. sharp knife
  6. clamps
  7. and if course rubber bands!

Step 1: Cutting the Gun

  1. prepare a 30x30 cm piece of plywood and put it in the laser cutter.
  2. Use the SVG file provided to cut the gun components.Thin red lines should be cut, black areas engraved.

Step 2: Grind the Trigger Part

Using sand paper, thin and smooth the trigger part to ensure smooth operation.

Step 3: Assemble the Gun

  1. Cut some tooth picks in half and use the holes in the design to align all components.
  2. Start from one side and slide all components over the toothpicks with some glue in between.
  3. Do not forget to position the trigger in the middle.
  4. Be careful not too put too much glue close to the trigger; if it can not move afterwards it will be useless!
  5. Use some clamps while the glue is setting.

Step 4: Shave Off Some Edges, Add Rubber Bands and Start Shooting!

Using sand paper remove the outer edges of the teeth holding the rubber bands and cut away the extending tooth picks; they served their purpose well .Now it's ready to shoot.

Keep it safe, these bands might hurt!.

Suggested improvements:

  1. Change the name & date of my son's birthday!
  2. The supports for the rubber band to pull back the trigger should be enlarged somewhat for increased strength.
  3. The teeth that hold the rubber bands in place should be on a little more oblique surface. Now some type of rubber bands get stuck (other work very fine though).