Introduction: Simple Scrapbook

This idea came from my observation that I have lots of pictures that are scattered in my room. I made this recycled scrap book so my pictures will be organized. Try this and you can give it as a simple gift out from your memories. 

Step 1: Materials Used

1. Used papers
2. 2 pieces of card boards
3. Crepe Paper
4. Scissors
5. Puncher
6. Pen
7. Glue
8. Yarn
9. Pictures

Step 2: Cover of the Scrap Book

1. Measure the crepe paper that will fit your card board.
2. Glue the exact crepe paper to the cardboard. 

Step 3: Body of the ScrapBook

Creativity is the key to this scrap book. Write your unforgettable memories and stick some pictures. 

Step 4: Finishing

1. Use the puncher to put holes in your scrap book. Take note: Be Careful! The holes must be aligned.
Put strings or yarn tot he holes and then tie it.
Check if the pages are durable and aligned to the holes.