Introduction: Simple Severed Fingers

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One of my favorite easiest and cheapest crafts for halloween. These versatile fingers make great costume accessories, props, gifts, ring displays- the list of possibilities goes on and on! I'd love to see what you do with yours! Happy Crafting!

Step 1: Find the Time, Set Up

This craft has a lengthy drying period that leaves one hand semi useless for a few hours. Complete any tasks that may require the use of your incapacitated hand. A wonderful helper is great to have as well, for when you need that extra hand. Gather your powder (baby or cosmetic), brushes, and white glue- like Elmer's. A plate is great to have to work over with the powder.

Step 2: Powder and Paste

Powder the fingers that you plan to cast. I've found it's best to leave your thumb and index finger available to use, in this photo I'm doing only the last three fingers from the pinky. The index finger and thumb look great when done, too- I do it this way to multitask as needed. Use a dry brush to apply first layer of glue. When it's almost dry you can powder it. Hair dryer or fan will help speed the drying process. Photo of one layer of glue and baby powder, almost dry.

Step 3: Layering

You will need to do 3-5 layers of glue. Apply with a dry brush each time, rinse each brush after applying. Dry completely between each layer. This will feel like it takes forever. I have great success with 3 layers, just make sure you're filling all crevices completely, don't forget powder and glue under the tips of your nails if you have them.

Step 4: Take It All Off

Okay, so you know how you can turn a glove or sock inside out by taking it off from the cuff, peeling it over itself till it's off and completely inside out? Yeah? Apply that logic to the dry glue on your fingers. Work your way around the bottom edge to loosen, carefully peel upward till off and inside out. Puff them out to proper shape, allow to dry a little longer.

Step 5: Stuff It

Do a load of laundry and gather up your dryer lint. It makes for the best finger stuffing. Other options do exist if you would rather use something else, such as torn cotton balls, tissue paper, coffee filters, scrap fabric or stuffing from old pillow or stuffed animal. Also find a stick about the width of a finger bone. Break it into small enough pieces to fit into the stump end if the finger. Stuff it first, add the stick into the middle, tease stuffing out around the stick/bone for added effect. Using a hot glue gun seal the wound around the bone, tease the glue a bit for more effect, sculpting over the lint or filler. At this point with the glue gun heated up you can go ahead and glue on fake nails. You can get a big pack for about $1. I use them in a ton of creepy crafts. You only need a small dab of glue to attach the nails.

Step 6: Paint It

Gather any old foundation you can get your hands on- powder and liquid concealer. I used mostly acrylic paint, start with a flesh tone base on the skin, next paint the bone, then the stump red. After this base has dried you can use a small amount of liquid concealer, dab around the finger and blend, then powder. Keep adding brushes of yellow, brown, blue, purple, red, green. Powder again when dry, gently blend the powder into the dry paint. Now add your final touches of black, brown and red. How do they look?? Post your pics and feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Haunting!

Step 7:

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