Introduction: Simple Super Capacitor

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In our day to day life we need capacitors for many electrical circuits. In fans we need conduncer which is type of capacitor. For science students who are making circuits frequently use many capacitor. Here I made a capacitor which has 1.5 volts storage and stores it for 5-10 minutes. It is very simple to make and easy to understand.

Step 1: Materials Required:

1.An old cell. [AA 1.5v battery].


3.Tic Tac small box.

4.Carbon rod. [can be removed from cell].[used as +ve electrode].

5.Iron rod. [used as -ve electrode].


7.Cutting blade [for removing cell].

8.mno2 can be removed from cell.

Step 2: Procedure:

Take a tic tac box and fill it with the solution of water and salt. Now remove a cell carefully and take out mno2 and carbon rod with out breakage of it. Mix the mno2 to the solution in tic tac box. Make two holes to the cap one is for carbon rod and other for iron rod. Close the cap and fix the rods in it. Now it is completed. Test it with a multimeter or any load. Here iron will act as -ve terminal and carbon as +ve terminal.

Step 3: How to Test: Results

Take a multimeter and connect its terminals to super capacitor. Red wire to carbon and Black wire to iron rod.Once connect a battery to super capacitor and remove it soon. Now see the readings in the multimeter. It gradually decreases,note the time also. readings will drops for 5-10min and then it stop at a certain value.[I noticed 0.47v].

Step 4: Conclusion:

It is very useful which decrease waste produced by cell and batteries after their dead. You will get some doubt. Your question is "all the materials in cell are not used." The other thing in this cell is used in my other instructable - "Rechargable Battery- 1.5v with no cost". This is a capacitor which was made with house hold waste items. I have converted it to rechargable battery in my next instructable - "Rechargable Battery- 1.5v with no cost" . Visit it too. I hope you will like it. If you like please vote me in the contest and favorite it.

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