Introduction: Simple Upcycled Bedside Lamp


Here is my instructable, a simple upcycled bedside lamp completely made out of recyclable material that laying around in my apartment.

All the material used in this instructable can be found at home and does not require special equipment and tools (such as a wood saw and other machinery). Also, all the material used is 100% recyclable, no plastic just glass and cardboard.

This instructable is also my way of experimenting a more eco-friendly way to design something at our home.

Step 1: What Do We Need?


  • Glass Bottle
  • Double Layered Cardboard
  • Thicker heavy Duty Cardboard
  • Double-sided Foam Tape
  • LED Strip Light


  • Pencel
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Ruler
  • Scissor

Step 2: Cut Out Shape

Every light have a base, this one has no exception.

There are many ways to design and build a base for a light, in this design, I kept it simple but structurally stable.

The first step to making this base is to measure how tall your glass bottle is and adjust the cardboard based on your glass. In my case, I end up using 6 pieces of thick cardboard and 4 pieces of double layered cardboard.

After you know how tall your glass bottle is, cut out pieces of thick cardboard in the same size and also one piece that is bigger. This bigger piece will be the bottom of the base. Then, cut out pieces of double layered cardboard with the same size as the bigger thick cardboard piece. This is halfway done for this project.

Step 3: Cut Out the Inside (Thick Cardboard)

First, you will need to place your glass bottle (in my case, I am using the cap) in the middle of one of the small piece of thick cardboard that you just cut out, and draw a line around your glass bottle.

Then you can use the line as a guide to cut out the inside of the thick cardboard.

After that, repeat, and decide how many pieces of thick cardboard you will need to cut out base on your bottle. In my case, I end up cutting 4 pieces out of 6, leaving 1 that use for later.

Step 4: Measure Double-sided Tape

Remember to write down the size for your double-sided tape.

This is impotent for the next step!

Step 5: Cut Out the Inside (Cardboard)

After you know the size for your double sided tape, place the thick cardboard in the middle of the double layer cardboard and draw out the shape. Inside this shape, draw 4 lines inside and round the shape using the measurement from your double-sided tape. The inside of those lines will act as a safe to cut area, in this case, you will still have a place for your tape to rest on.

Repeat this step for all of the double layer cardboard.

Step 6: Cutting the Inside (Cable Area)

Remember the one thick cardboard that you cut out in Step 2? You are going to cut out the inside to place the cable for the LED.

Before cutting, use a ruler to draw out the safe to cut area based on the measurement from the double-sided tape.

Once you have your safe to cut area, cut out the middle.

Step 7: Putting Everything Together

Apply double-sided tape to both sides of the thick cardboard, only one side for the top piece, and leaving out the bottom piece.

After you the double sided tape is in place, putting your glass bottle in the hole in the thick cardboard you cut from step 3 along with the double layer cardboard.

The order will be Thick (top)>Thin>Thick>Thin>Thick>Thin>Thick>Thin>Thick>Thick(bottom).

Aline everything, and unseal the double sided tape and stick everything together, leaving out the bottom piece.

Place the LED strip into your glass bottle, and adjust the position of the bottle to leave room for cable management.

Stick the bottom piece and done.

Step 8: Light On

Plug in, light up

and enjoy.