Introduction: Simple Watering Can (cost; FREE!)

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A super easy to make watering can, with something you almost certainly already have in the recycling bin.

The advantages of this, over a "normal" watering can are;

- It's made from something you already have, so it's free, (super for school projects, students, where multiple watering cans are needed)

- It's its easier to use than a conventional watering can; ideal for people with disabilities, children, watering hard to reach places,

- It's easy to transport when it's full with no leaks,

- Can be decorated and made your own!

Step 1: Materials

you need;

- A milk bottle and lid (size dependant on how much water you want to be able to carry at once, how many plants you have to water, how strong you are, etc) I used a 4 pint because it is what I had to hand. Children looking after one plant could use a 1 pint.

- A drill and small drill bit (If you don't have this, you could use a nail and hammer, a pin and lighter, etc. anything you can use to make holes.

- A spare lid that fit the bottle (optional)

Step 2: Holes

Remove the lid and drill holes in it (using appropriate caution, drills are dangerous, whatever) or use a nail to bash holes. Just make some holes.

Step 3: Extra Hole

I added an extra hole near the handle of my bottle, this was so that there was a gap for air to come in. It's optional, see how your can pours first without it.

Step 4: Fill With Water

Fill your bottle with water, and put your lid on

If you need to carry your watering can a long way, use the other optional lid to prevent spillage, and swap lids when you are ready to water.

Decorate your watering can if you like, or leave it as it is :)

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