Introduction: How to Make a Simple Workshop Lamp

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A few days ago, I transfers my workshop to an underground room where I can work freely away from the noise and I have a good space to settle my tools and start working, but this room needs a light where underground there is darkness so I decided to make a Simple Workshop Lamp that makes the indoor of my room bright, and I've added a phone holder that helps me record my Instructables.


In this instructable you will need:

  • wood
  • saw
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • drill
  • screw
  • screwdriver
  • lamp
  • wires
  • camera holder or phone holder

Step 1: Measurements

measure 4 pieces, one of length 15 cm and width 9cm and another of length 20cm and width 9cm, then measure two pieces of length 10cm and width 6cm using a pencil and ruler.

Step 2: Saw

Saw the 4 pieces of wood by referring to the measurements using a wood saw.

Step 3: Drilling

  • Drill the two identical pieces in the middle of the terminal of the wood,
  • Then drill the two other pieces at the center of both sides of each piece.

Step 4: Set the Base of the Lamp

  • Mark using a pencil the screw holes of the lamp base on the lower wooden piece with the length of 20 cm.
  • Drill 4 holes in the lower piece, two holes for the screws of the base and two holes for the wires of the lamp.

Step 5: Wiring

Wire the poles of the base of the lamp after passing the wires separately from the holes of the wooden piece and then insulate them with electric scotch.

Step 6: Test the Lamp

After fixing the lamp with screws and wiring it, test it before fixing it to the ceiling.

Step 7: Fix the Phone Holder

Using a screw fix the phone holder that you can get it from any tripod and fix a it using a screw to the lower wooden piece.

Step 8: Drill the Ceiling

Using a 1cm drill bit drill a hole in the ceiling in a place proper to your work where it gives a bright light while working.

Step 9: Fix in the Ceiling

Place a plastic screw fitter to the hole and then screw through the upper wooden part of length 15cm and fix it to the ceiling.

Step 10: Assembling

Assemble all the parts together by screwing the side pieces to the lower part.

Step 11: Final Assembly

Fix the whole parts to the upper part on the ceiling and screw it.

Step 12: Position It

  • try to find the perfect place of it that gives a great brightness to the workshop.
  • Fix your phone to the holder and try to record.

Step 13: Final View

enjoy it!

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