Introduction: Simple Butter Dosa

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we will be making a simple and yummy butter dosa for breakfast.

Step 1: Tools Required for Making Butter Dosa

1) Dosa making tava
2) Dosa batter
3) Butter
4) a cover to close the Dosa (optional)

Step 2: Melting the Butter

First thing to do is to melt the butter. The butter should be melted indirectly by not having any direct contact with the flame. For this keep the butter cup on the dosa tava and heat it, after some time the butter gets melted completely this method prevents the butter from overheating.
Now adding a pinch of salt to the butter will make it more yummy.

Step 3: Pouring the Dosa Batter

Prepare the tava by letting it heat for some time. Once it's heated apply little oil on to it, this will prevent the dosa from getting stuck to the tava. Now pour the batter on to the tava and circle it in anticlockwise direction as shown in the pic. Once the circling is done cover it with a lid, this will be helpful for beginners as there might be more batter at the center.

Step 4: Flipping the Dosa

After some time remove the lid and apply little butter to the side of the dosa and twist the dosa to the other side. This is the main part where we have to concentrate and add butter to the dosa, now added the salted butter on the face of the dosa as you apply the butter the aroma of the butter will be paaaa (awesome). Wait for some time and take out the dosa.

Step 5: Simple Yummy Butter Dosa Ready for Breakfast

Now the yummy butter dosa is ready to be served. The dosa tastes good with podi. I have added dal and tomato chutney.
Make this yummy dosa and let me know how it tastes for you. OK now I am hungry and going to have the dosa for breakfast.
please let me know about your feedback.
Thank you!
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