Introduction: Simple Coin Holder

This is my first instructable so any comments or suggestions would be nice.

This instructable will show you how to make a simple coin holder that will only take a few minutes


Tools you will need:
1)Sharp scissors
4)Mechanical Pencil (Preferable)
6)Card stock
7)Different sizes of coins

Step 1: Step 1! Lets Get Going

First we will need to pull out 1 sheet of card stock then we take our ruler and pencil and make a 4X2 box, after that is finished cut out the box. Now, fold the card in half. (hamburger style) With the paper cut out and folded, place it on a hard surface and get a ruler and Put a dot in the center of your paper. (still folded!) This should now leave you with a 2X2 with a dot in the middle. Now making a strait line measure 13/16in in the middle of you paper crossing the dot, this should give you the diameter of your circle. Draw the neatest looking circle you ever have making sure the tips of the diameter are touching your circle you drew around them.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting Out Your Circle

I have tried cutting out a circle with scissors and it DOES NOT work out for me so I decided to take a different approach. Place the folded 2X2 piece of paper somewhere on carpet (here comes the fun part) then take your knife and stab all the way around the circle. with your 13/16 wide hole now in the middle of the 2x2 folded piece of paper take some packaging tape, unfold the piece of paper and tape both sides of each hole. make sure there are no sticky side of the tape showing. ( it leaves a residue on coins)

Step 3: Step 3: Finishing Up

With your coin holder done you can now put a small coin in there (the size of a penny) and you can choose to staple it or tape it up. I prefer the tape because you can reuse you coin holder and instead of ripping the stapler out you can slice the tape. If you want to make a bigger size just increase the diameter. The coin holders that I made can fit standard coins and coin sleeves. Again any comment or suggestions feel free to ask. Thanks for viewing my first instructable. I will come out with another one soon on how to make simple wooden bowls from hand tools.