Introduction: Simple Pallet Book Shelf

Hello today, we will continue with pallet.

I need a book shelf, so I will use some pallets to build it.

Lets go and when it's free is better.

Step 1: Matérials

You will need :

  • pallets
  • wood screws
  • glue
  • sandpaper
  • wooden pegs

  • hammer

  • circular saw

Step 2: Clean and Cut Pieces

After having disassemble the pallet, we clean the wood with a good sanding with sandpaper 80.
Then blocked again the holes with sawdust and glue wood. Then another sanding with sandpaper 200.

Now cut the boards to the desired length.
I have six boards 10 * 100 cm and 4 boards 10 * 50 cm

Step 3: Assemble

Six boards 10 * 100 cm, I assembled them together with wooden pegs and wood glue to create 3 boards 20 * 100 cm.
Same with the four planks 10 * 50 cm which will give me two boards 20 * 50 cm.

After dry, I sanding again with 200 grid sandpaper.

And now I assemble the pieces with wood screws.

Then a coat of clear varnish to protect it all and it's over.
Total 5€ and 6 hours, it remains only to him found a place on a wall.

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