Introduction: Simple Rig for Spacing & Hanging Rebar in a Post Hole

I am posting my first (maybe only) instructable.  I'm not a construction guy but know a few things.  I am working on my first deck project and was trying to figure out how to insert my rebar into my post holes and keep them relatively well spaced.  I imagine there are a lot of professionals out there who have a better method.  This is the solution I came up with.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This is what I used.

Scrap 2x4

Rebar - Cut shorter than your hole (mine are six inches shorter than my hole)(I was only using two per hole. Three or four is done the same way just repeat steps 4 and 5 for each additional bar)

Wire Cutters


Measuring tape or Speed Square (Speed Square is speedy)

Quik Clamp

Rebar Wire


1/2 inch drill bit (I had a spade bit handy)



Step 2: Measuring

Measure your spacing.  I wanted 5 inch spacing between my bars.  I started 1 inch in from the edge to give myself some space to work with.  Added my five inches to get to 6.  Then adding the diameter of my drill bit.

I used my square to scribe my lines

And then I marked the 1 3/4 inch centerline of the 2x4 to know where to drill my holes.

Step 3: Drill and Cut

Simple step since we have it all layed out.

Drill your holes as marked

Cut one

Cut two

The "rig" done

Step 4: Using the Rig Step One

Now put the rebar into the notches and clamp together.

Cut about a foot of rebar wire

Center wire and wrap one end around the rebar a few times.  (This is where the pliers come in handy to tighen up the wrap so it does not just fall off the rebar afterwards.)

Do the same to the other side.

Step 5: Using the Rig Step Two

Unclamp and flip the rebar to clamp the other end. (You can barely see the wrapped wire at the bottom of the picture)

Cut another piece of wire this time about 3 feet long

Center wire and wrap as before.  You should have a bit more than a foot of wire sticking out.  (I inserted some blue lines to help you see the wire sticking out)

Again, same on the otherside.

Step 6: Tada!

And there you have it. 

I put a few shovels full of wet cement down the hole so the rebar does not swing around as I'm adding the rest of the cement.

I hang the bar several inches below the edge of my tube and bend the wire over the tube to hold it in place.

Fill the hole with cement until the rebar is covered.

Then unhook the wire and bend them into the cement as well.

Then finish filling the hole.

Hope somebody finds this useful