Introduction: Simple Tablet Stand

All the time I own the tablet, I asked myself, why did I get the box with the product. And today I figured, you must make table stand with it!


Step 1: Tools

You will need your awesome beautiful hands, one house(non-surgical) scalpel, and plenty of light, because it's kinda hard to work in the dark.

Step 2: Finding the Right Spot...

Find the spot where you want your tablet to rest while you touch him... If you think closely, you will find out that the perfect spot is just on the bigger side, near the edge of the box... Now you will need to align, and center your tablet on the magic spot, and make marks so you know where to cut.

Step 3: Penetrating Into the Box

Cut patiently and precisely along the line you marked. Align the ruler with the line and cut it... later widen the hole, depending on your tablet thickness... Move ruler slightly and make one more cut. At this point you will be very happy because it's almost over... just a bit of adjusting and you're on your way to having your own tablet stand, just like everyone else!

Step 4: The Curve

In my box there was "one more box" inside, and the tablet sit's on it very nicely, now, if you're not that lucky, and you didn't get your own "one more box", you could put something else inside, like lego blocks or stick of butter, so your tablet can sit firmly!

Step 5: The End

So there you have it! Very nice... your friends will be amazed with your new tablet stand... It is very unique, and what is more important... DIY!