Introduction: Simplest 12V to 220V DC to AC Power Inverter DIY

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In this instructable, you will learn to make a simple but powerful inverter at home.This inverter does not requires multiple electronic components but a single component which is a relay.The relay alone is responsible for performing the switching action which in terns, converts the DC from a battery into an AC voltage.

This type of inverter is a square wave inverter and is good for school or collage projects.

List of components required for the project:-

  1. 12 volt battery
  2. Some wires
  3. A 5 terminal relay
  4. a transformer single phase
  5. a load bulb

That's it!

Step 1: Transformer & Relay

--> You will need a 12 volts to 220 volts transformer.

--> A 12 volt relay and the wiring of the relay should be exactly as shown in the picture.

One of the terminals of the relay will remain disconnected from the entire circuit since its not required in the project which means that only 4 terminals of the relay will be responsible for connecting the Transformer and the battery together.

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Step 2: Circuit Details:

The tripping coil terminals of the relay will be connected to the low voltage 12V winding of the transformer as shown in the picture.The load will be connected to the primary high voltage winding of the transformer 220V.

After doing that the "mains disconnect terminal" of the relay will be connected in series with the battery and the other terminal of the battery will be connected to one of the secondary terminal of the transformer.

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Step 3: Testing the Circuit:

After doing all the connections as instructed, the bulb should start glowing brightly.

The maximum power of this inverter depends on the size of the transformer and the input power supply.

The frequency of this circuit is around 60 to 70Hz and the efficiency of this circuit is around 63%

So guys that is all for this project.


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