Introduction: Simply Satisfying Sushi Costume

Have a black and white outfit that just needs a little something to turn it into a surprising costume? Follow this Instructable and dress up as sushi! The pièce de résistance of this sushi costume is a sushi crown.

Stop by a Daiso Japan store and purchase (almost exactly) everything that you'll need.

Also, if you're looking for a group costume, this pairs well with someone dressed up as soy sauce or holding a large pair of chopsticks (hint: like a piece of a croquet set).

Step 1: Supplies

To make this costume, I purchased all of the essential materials from a Daiso Japan store:

  • An assortment of sushi refrigerator magnets/key chains
  • Pillow
  • Headband
  • Black neck tie
  • Orange t-shirt travel case

I also needed:

  • velcro (preferably black, I spray painted mine)
  • red ribbon

The tools I used were:

  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • wire cutters

Step 2: Prepare the Sushi

I was really pleased with the assortment of sushi that I found. All but one were refrigerator magnets. This meant that I didn't need to alter them at all before gluing them to the headband.

For the key chain sushi, I used wire cutters to trim off the eye hook. I then added a dab of hot glue to cover the sharp edge.

Step 3: Headband Hack

I found a Halloween headband that was on sale for a mere $0.75. Perfect. I used a pair of scissors to carefully cut away the decorative hat. It'll be perfect for my Mickey pumpkin!

The resulting headband looked rough around the edges, so I decided to dress it up a little.

Step 4: Ribbon Wrapping

I chose a scrap of red ribbon and wrapped it around the top section of the head band, adding a dab of hot glue with each wrap, securing it into place.

Step 5: Create the Layout

Now for the fun part! Arrange the assortment of sushi and decide on the design of the headband. I decided to place the triangular sushi pice in the direct center, and then choose to mirror the sashimi pieces.

Step 6: Hot Glue Time - Right Side

I hot glued the center sushi roll into place first and then added pieces to the right hand side of the headband.

Tip: place the hot glue on the back underside of the sushi rolls. This will minimize how much glue is visible when viewed from the front.

Step 7: Hot Glue Time - Left Side

Now do the same for the left side!

Step 8: Sashimi Pillow

Now for the rest of the costume! Slide the pillow into the orange t-shirt bag. I noticed that the star pattern showed through the orange, so I covered it with a black tank top that I had.

Step 9: Velcro

Lay the neck tie over the sushi pillow. I chose to place the thickest part of the neck tie over the body of the pillow. Secure it on both sides with strips of velcro.

Then, measure the length of the neck tie around your waist. Cut it to size, leaving a little extra for one end to fold over. Add small strips of velcro to each end. I ended up quickly spray painting the ends black, as I found that the white velcro was noticeable when secured around my waist.

Step 10: Assemble & Enjoy!

Wearing your black and white outfit, wrap the black strap around your waist and secure the two ends just below your arm.

Place your sushi crown on your head and you're all set to go! Just wait for the compliments to 'roll' in ;)

Happy Halloween!

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