Simple Battery Storage Method

Introduction: Simple Battery Storage Method

Modern toys need plenty of batteries to play.

After playing, u may need to take out the batteries for storage.

Here is a simple method to store these "used" batteries.

Step 1: Get a PVC Pipe, Piece of Paper and Some Hot Glue.

The above photo show that I need to store 6 AA size batteries.

I got a PVC pipe which diameter slightly larger than the batteries.

Also, the PVC pipe should longer than the 6 AA batteries (line up in straight line)

Seal on end of the PVC pipe with anythings such as duct tape.

Put the batteries inside the pipe and hot glue it under the toys.

Wind a piece of paper or get a cork to seal another end of the PVC and that is.


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    6 years ago

    This is a very clever idea kokpat, thanks for sharing~