Introduction: Singing and Light Up Teddy Bear

A snuggly bear, singing toy and a night light all in one! This bear is a great toy to have for a child who likes to be able to listen to music before bed and doesn’t like to sleep in the complete dark! This bear is also costumizable so you can choose what you would like to have the bear play and what image you would like to show up!

Step 1: Find a Teddy Bear

For this step all you need to find is a teddy bear of the shape and size you would like.

Step 2: Design the Stomach

1. Make sure to measure the bear to find out how big you need the stomach to be!
2. First go to inventor and choose to create a new project and choose “standard.ipt”
3. From there start a sketch on the xy plane
4. Create an ellipse to match the size of your bears stomach
5. Finish the sketch
6. Extrude the sketch .5 inches
7. Fillet the edges of one side until they are almost completely rounded
8. Shell the ellipse so that the ellipse is .25 inches thick

Step 3: 3D Print the Stomach

1. Transfer the design for the stomach to the software that is used for the 3D printer that you will use
2. Start printing (for me it took about 2 hours after heating up to print the piece and make sure that the plate you are building it on is sanded so that the piece will come off)
3. After the piece is printed wash it and cure it
4. Cut off the supports from the stomach piece (wear safety goggles!!)

Step 4: Program the Microbit

For this it will take some time but the actual code is not complicated! The code is all shown above!
1. Choose when you want the bear to sing and light up (you do not what to choose any buttons because you will not be able to reach them when the microbit is inside the bear so I chose if the bear is tilted left or right)
2. Next choose what image you would like to be shown. For microbit they have pre programmed images or you can make your own by choosing which spot you would like to light up individually ( I chose a heart and a smiley face :) )
3. Next decide what songs you want the bear to play. You have to program the songs by having the code play it more by note. I chose basic songs to make it easier to code so I chose twinkle twinkle little star and Mary had a little lamb.

Step 5: Place the Microbit and Stomach in the Bear

1. Cut out a hole in the stomach of the bear that is the size of the circumference of the stomach
2. Connect the microbit to the speaker by cables
3. Get the speaker into the arm of the bear and place the microbit so that the lights face up in the center of the hole with the batteries behind it
4. Place the stomach on the hole and hot glue the stomach to the bear with the round side up.

Step 6: Final Product

This bear is snuggly and comforting for children to have at night and during the day!

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