Introduction: Skee-Ball Boom

I really enjoy playing Skee-Ball at arcades so I made this so I can play it at home. This is a working Skee-Ball machine. The design is pretty easy to make so I have included some images of the design if you would like to replicate this.


Cardboard - You will need a lot of cardboard for this product.

Hot Glue - You will need a lot of this also.

That's All.

Step 1: Making the Track

The most important thing is having a long enough box to create an uninterrupted track. The box will simply serve as the length of the track uncut. You can cut the back of the box or excess on the sides to use for the ball return which is gravity fed. It will be important when you connect the track of the Skee-Ball machine to the scoring cage that there is enough angle to allow gravity to return the tennis balls.

Step 2: Making the Scoring Cage

You can use one large box or several medium-sized boxes to build the cage/. Start by designing your scoring holes on a flat cardboard box, then building the tunnels around the scoring holes. Then you will utilize more boxes to build a cage around the scoring holes. Once the cage is built around the scoring holes, make sure that the angle is steep enough to drop into the ball-return chute.

Step 3: Connecting the Builds

Connect the builds from Step 1 and Step 2 such that the tennis balls drop into the ball chute after going in the scoring holes via gravity.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Be sure to take any excess cardboard pieces to create rails or extend the cage such that the tennis balls don't jump off the track or fall off the build.

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