Introduction: Skeleton Halloween Makeup

This is how I went about doing my skeleton makeup for myself and my boyfriend as well. Same steps apply for the guys version, just a different neck. 
He bought coloured contacts which really added to his look, They are about 50$ depending on where you go. 

Step 1: Steps

Each step of how I did my make up
Outlines (in regular eye liner) , White halloween make up (from value village around halloween time) - applied with a make up sponge, then black halloween make up (also from value village) I went back and touched up the black jaw and teeth lines with a liquid eye liner and added the cracks with liquid eye liner, (if you don't do it in this order the white will get all muddy if theres already a lot of black paint)

Step 2: Neck Details

This is how I did the guys style neck 

Step 3: Clothing

Suit and tie for the guy, 
corset [ebay], skirt [walmart], pantyhose [winners], flower [michaels] for girl

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