Introduction: Skittles Sweet Dispenser

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Like many people I love eating sweets. Yet I always find they disappear too quickly!

So to resolve my problem I designed and built a sweet dispenser. The sweet dispenser provides a way of limiting the sweets I eat, as well as being stylish and cool.


cardboard ( ideally thick)

A jar

hot glue gun/strong glue

Stanley knife

skittles(other sweets of similar size)

Step 1: Templating

To create the shapes in cardboard I made the following templates in Lego.

1. Dispenser drawer

2. Dispenser lid

3. Walls of dispenser

4. Dispenser base

5. Dispenser handle

I then traced around each shape roughly 5 times. Using Lego as a template was perfect as it was really easy to adjust the shapes knowing the correct sizes by using the studs.

Something I suggest you do is to combine the handle and drawer piece into one part to create extra strength instead of two separate pieces.

Step 2: Cutting

I first cut the cardboard into the individual templates.

Then (with supervision) I cut out the pieces using a stanley knife/scissors following the lines.

I also cut a hole the size of the jar's screw top on the lid of the dispenser and a hole large enough for three or four skittles in the sliding draw.

Step 3: Gluing

The first things I glued together were the dispenser base and the wall pieces.

Next I stacked and glued the drawer along with the handle (if you cut them separately) .

Now slot the handle and drawer into the dispenser base.

IMPORTANT! Do not glue the drawer to this piece as it needs to slide!

Now that is all in place we can glue the lid on top with the large hole facing towards the handle.

Step 4: Jar Adjustments

Due to there being a gap when you open the drawer, I added a small semi circular piece of cardboard inside the jar positioned at a slight angle to let the sweets slide out.

This prevents Skittles falling behind or clogging up the system.

Step 5: Decoration

Although the model is cool so far, it looks very dull. So, to fix this I gave it a nice coat of red paint!

You can decorate it however you like!

Make sure that all areas are painted on the drawer as part of it will be covered. Take your time as you don't want the paint to make your drawer stick.

Step 6: Prepare and Eat

Now for the best bit! You need to fill the jar with skittles. screw the dispenser on with the drawer shut and the slope at the back.

Then flip it over and enjoy!

Eat up!

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