Introduction: Skittles Tetris

This is a really easy project that can be applied to a variety of treats much cooler and complicated than this, but for the sake of the speed contest, I wanted to make it as simple as possible. You will only need two things: skittles and edible glue (I got mine on Amazon).

Step 1: Form Tetriminos

The easiest way to do this is to set one piece of candy on a flat surface, then add glue to a second piece where they will be touching. you don't need to use much, just enough to set the pieces into the shape you want without them coming apart as you form them. Once you have finished the amount you want in the shapes you will be using, You can use the brush to cover the tops of the tetriminos. While they are drying, it is easy to manipulate them into more perfect lines if you want them to be absolutely straight, but if you move them around too much or add too much glue, the color will smear. It is best to leave these to dry at least overnight once you are done, but I left mine to dryfor a few days after I decided to do a few 3D pieces.

Step 2: ​Beat Your Own Score!

I used 2 different types of skittles (original and tropical) so I could form each original Tetrimino. Initially I wanted to frame this, but I will first work on a way to prevent ants from finding and eating my masterpiece. Next I am planning to create an 8 bit Mario image. Stay tuned!

JK I am already distracted with another project and have eaten all the blue skittles.

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