Introduction: Skull in a Cage

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It is Halloween time !!

I´ve been following by facebook a Beginner Wood Carving group where people submit their works and sometimes they throw some challenges. One of the basics projects for beginners is The "Ball in a Cage", well, some User called Jimbo Rahmberg, did a twist, changing the ball for a Skull. This just blow my mind and inspire me to do my version.

All credits to him, thanks Jimbo.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

As usual I used what I have in my home :


Safety Gloves

Safety Goggles

A piece of Firewood.

Xacto knife Kit

Dremel Stylus

Sand paper

Step 2: Whittling While Whistling

What I love about whittling is that you can work in the outdoors, you just need a piece of wood and your favourite knife. I dont recommend to use xacto knife as I did. Anyway I did and I dont feel any remorse about that ( In spite of some injuries in my left hand) thats why you always have to use safety gloves.As usual, I have to say that Im not an expert woodworker, I just started to remove wood. People start with bass wood and soft woods it is easier but the grain its too soft and its not good for details.

it is better to carve two holes, one up and other down the "ball", then just start to carve the shape of the skull (Ball )in order to freed the thing.

For finer details I used my cordless Dremel Stylus.

There are some tips that I want to share. Always carve away your body, try to follow the fibre of the wood, not against.

This is so addictive . This is my first try and Im thinking about make a lot of Halloween characters. Any ideas ? We´ll see

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