Skunk Family

Introduction: Skunk Family

Supplies:  Black hooded sweatshirt, black pants, stiff black felt, white furry fabric, wire coat hanger, needle nosed pliers

--Zip up sweatshirt, and sew round piece of white furry fabric on the front.  Avoid sewing over the zipper so that you can zip it down to put sweatshirt on.

--Sew long strip of white furry fabric from just underneathe the hood, to a few feet beyond back, bottom of the sweatshirt.  Sew stiff black felt onto furry fabric that hangs below sweatshirt.  Leave a pocket between the two pieces of fabric so that a wire coat hanger can be bent appropriately so that it will hold the skunk tail in a curved shape.  Duct tape wire to the inside, bottom of sweatshirt if necessary.  Sew a button to the back of the sweatshirt, and a string to the bottom of the tail.  Hook the string onto the button to keep the tail up.

--Cut, and attach small felt ears to the top of hood.

--Apply face paint.  We looked at "Flower" from Bambi, and tried to follow the markings on his face for our paint.

--Pull hood strings very tight, tie, and tuck into sweatshirt.

--Infant skunk costume was purchased...all other skunk costumes are homemade.  I ran out of time and energy.

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