Introduction: Skyrim Ancient Nord Helmet

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Hello again,

So after a finished Thor's hammer ( check out my other instructables ) I was happy with it, but I really enjoyed doing the fake metal paint work, so I wanted to do more, being a gamer and builder I like to make things I don't think I could ever get my hands on, and after racking up 100+ hours on skyrim I figured I'd make a helmet (again!), I could have gone for the best helmet in the game or the most powerful, but I went with a quite standard ancient Nordic one, because of the metal painting and I liked the horns.

So here's my take on that helmet, slightly modified to suit me, different horns and bits and bobs, it's how I wanted it, but you feel free to do it your way! Your the boss!

Step 1: Pep File

Like most of the lids I've made, I found a pepakura file close to the nord lid, ( I can't remember the address but you can find most things by googling what you want, normally the 405th or have loads of stuff!)

So as per,

Step 2: Fibreglass

I go straight onto the card on the outside, on the inside, I used a bit of fibre but I don't go made because the card is pretty stiff when it's glassed on the outside.

Step 3: Bondo

Once the glass has gone off, it's bondo time!
Putting on thin (ish) layers, I work front to back, this time I did the full lid, then sanded, my god the sanding is insane! Wear a mask!

Step 4: Lil Bit of Detail

In the bondo I wanted to put scratches and cuts and make the metal look used, I did most of this work with a dermal and sandpaper etc,

Step 5: So Begins the Paint!

Normally I'd primer and undercut, but I'm using a paint called hammeright, it's for painting metal railings and stuff, good stuff, two coats of that should be sweet!

Step 6: More Detail

For the stud work I got a pack of upholstery pin nails and found the places I wanted to put them, drilling with a really small drill bit ( couldn't push them through the fibreglass ) then gluing them into place, cutting off the backs on the inside, for the top bit, the pattern, I used multiput ( apoxy putty ) and formed the pattern close to the game helmet,

Step 7: Horn!

At this point I thought it best to start work on the horns I didn't want the dark ones from the game, I wanted a contrast to the metal,

Basic form from pep, fibreglass , bondo etc, I also filled the inside with expanding foam, sprayed with white (x4) then I varnished them with wood varnish to get that bone look, dirtied them up a bit and clear coat varnished them, ready for helmet

Step 8: Detailing With Paint

Black satin paint





I paint a load of black onto the silver, getting it into all the little bits and bobs, then I pretty much wipe most of it off, then with a rag, I kinda pat the helmet and make random movements to make it look used and old

Step 9: Final Build!

Sooo when everything dry and your happy with your paint job, clear coat spray varnish the lot! When that's dry......... Final build!

Because the horns fit snug, I inserted them from the inside, got them as tight as I could, then used E6000 adhesive to bond the two bits together, did the same both sides, left to dry, and done! ( well apart from the inside, when I get some foam I'll do that, just to stop it from swinging and swaying when worn)

Thanks for taking a look, I've probably missed a bunch of things I wanted to tell you, but I'm useless at writing and if you want to ask anything please feel free! Thanks again, hope you like it! I do! :)

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