Introduction: Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Letter

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"We Know" letter from the Dark Brotherhood on Skyrim

Step 1: Supplies

Supply List:
Regular Copy Paper
Pencil (or pen)
Black Marker
Black Grease Halloween-type Makeup
Sponge Paint Brush
Long Reach Lighter

Step 2: "We Know" Lettering

Basically all I did was draw my font as close to the original as I could. If you aren't comfortable with writing it, don't be afraid to print it out.

Step 3: Handprint

For the handprint, be sure to use black grease makeup and not black paint. It makes it look more real and doesn't smear as much. My handprint wasn't spot on, so I went back with the sponge paint brush and filled in where needed.

Step 4: Let There Be Fire

With the long reach lighter, simply burn the edges of the paper. Don't let the flames get too carried away or the page will be ruined. Be sure to just burn the edges.

Step 5: Tea Staining

Tea Staining is very simple. Put about three to four tea bags in a small bowl or cup with hot water. Make sure before you start staining the page that the tea is dark. Pick out one of the tea bags and dab it all over the paper. You can even drizzle some of the tea over the paper, but don't get too carried away. Make sure the entire page has been completely covered in tea. You can choose to naturally let it dry, which takes at least three hours.. Or you can simply dry it with a hair dryer. It's your choice!

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Usually during the tea staining process, the "We Know" phrase may begin to run. Don't panic! Just keep putting more tea on it. After the drying process, simply go back over the phrase with the black marker to give it a touch up.
You can also add in the folds that the original letter has to resemble it more.

Step 7: Decorate!

I chose to frame my work but it is all up to you! This Dark Brotherhood poster is one of many works to come. I hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you all. P.S. I'm selling these for $3. U.S. only.