Introduction: Skyrim: Steel Mace.

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Hello again and welcome to my tutorial on making a Skyrim steel mace!
This project was really really really easy! with the mace itself being only a wooden stick with bits of foam stuck to it essentially, BUT! AND THIS IS A BIG BUT!!!! IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS MY WAY THEN PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE OR HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE A LATHE PROPERLY!!! SERIOUSLY YOU CAN REALLY HURT YOURSELF USING ONE OF THESE! 

Also its worth mentioning that i know not everyone will have access to a lathe so the best next thing might be to use an old wooden brush handle, some styrofoam for the pointy bits on either end and eva foam for the bands of metal and the blades? But that is just a suggestion? 

Anyways! the items i used to make this build were:
- Eye Protection
- Dust Mask
- Lathe
- Lathe chisels 
- Wood stain/Preservative 
- Paint (Black and Silver)
-  Hobby knife
- Pencil
- Marker Pen
- EVA Foam (Gym Mats)
- Thin play foam
- Measuring tape
- Sand paper
- Dremel (with sanding attachment)
 - Glue gun and sticks

Step 1: Step 1.

Ok so first of all i loaded up the image of the mace in Adobe Illustrator and scaled it up to the size that i thought was right.
The measurements were:

- Height: 55cm
- Width: 14cm

The next thing to do is to print so you have something to keep looking at for reference when you are using the lathe. I printed off one that was to scale and another for reference. 

Step 2: Step 2.

Ok so now that you know what size your mace is going to be, now you need to get some wood....

The piece i used was a scrap bit i found in my garden but was still dry (somehow???) 

(I'm not going to go into setting up the lathe because i don't want people taking my advice and seriously hurting themselves  if you are going to try this inscrutable then you should have some experience with using a lathe first or someone with you who does!)

Now with all that seriousness out of the way we can begin :P

The pictures here are my basic set up! everything here was all i needed to make the handle and don't forget your eye protection and dust mask!

On the piece of wood you can see i have marked it with a marker pen, this is the size of the handle (55cm) so i will only be working this area!

Step 3: Step 3.

Ok so once i got to down to roughly the right thickness i started to mark out along the wood where all the metal bands would be so i could make them. 

Trust me! this may look hard but its really not! Once you know how to use a lathe things like this are easy.

After i cut  out the shape of the handle i kept the lathe spinning and sanded it first with a corse sheet and then with a finer sheet, i don't know the exact ones because they were for my mouse sander and are not labeled :P 

Step 4: Step 4.

Once i was done with the lathe i was left with this! (1.)

My next job involved cutting out the blades, to make these i used EVA foam.
Once i cut the blades out i tapered them with my Dremel (You can use a knife if you don't have a Dremel but i found this harder! Remember to use a new blade, the keenness of the it might help JUST DON'T CUT YOURSELVES!!!)

Once the blades are done and dusted you can stick them to the handle using hot glue.

Also cut out little circles of  the thin foam (8 in total) to make the nails.

Step 5: Step 5.

If the Video is not the right one, Click on the drop down menu in the top left and scroll down to find it.

So now you have your stick with foam attached to it :) Time to paint!

I used Hammerite Hammered Silver and One coat Satin black.

I first undercoated all the parts that are going to be "metal" in black and oiled the bare wood with Colron Teak Oil to make it a bit darker.

Once these had dried i then painted on the silver.

Aaaaand thats all :P i havent added leather to the handle yet because the only stuff i can find at the moment is black and i want brown leather :P I'm really pleased with how this build has gone and i hope you enjoy it as well :)

For more on what i do heres the link to my Facebook account:

Thanks again :)

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