Introduction: Skyrim Mead Prop

I'm going to show you how to make own own skyrim mead prop. It's not real alcohol it's intended for decoration purposes. I'll show you how to make Honningbrew and Black Briar mead.

Step 1: Find or buy suitable bottles, you can look at images of skyrim's mead on google for reference. I bought one bottle very cheap and the other came from a drink.

Step 1: Making the Cork

If your bottle has a cap, take it off. You'll need a cork for the top, if you don't have any you can always buy them. The cork will probably be too big for the bottle so you will need to cut it to size. Just shave the outside of the cork until it fits in the bottle neck.

Step 2: Adding the Liquid

Fill the bottle with water about halfway up the neck, leaving room for the cork. To colour the water you can use red and yellow food coloring or if you don't have the right colours you can use ink from felt tip pens. Use more yellow then red because red is a much stronger colour.

You're going for an orange-red colour, check google for reference.

Step 3: Making the Label

You can print your labels from the links below, first is honningbrew second is black briar

Or you could draw it by hand if you want.

Cut out the label but make the edges rough for an older more realistic look.

Stick the label to the bottle with paper-glue or tape.

Step 4: Finishing Up

You can add string or thin rope to the neck of the bottle to make it look nice.

Then place it on your shelf along with any other skyrim props you may have made.

This is my first instructable, hope you enjoyed. If you have any problems with anything just ask below. I may do more in the future, so keep an eye out.