Introduction: Sleeping Bag Suit

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Turn your extra sleeping bags into a lounging suit!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

****This instructable needs to be done on an industrial sewing machine.*****

Sewing the bags on a regular sewing machine could damage your machine. Ask around, one of your friends may have one you could use.

You will need two poly filled sleeping bags. Down filled bags will be a huge mess!

Flat bags are easier to cut out a pattern from. I used one flat and one mummy bag.

You will also need some quilt edge trim from a fabric store.

SHARP strong scissors. My hand got tired and I had to occasionally take a break.

Step 2: Cut Out a Pattern

First, Unzip one of your bags and lay it down flat on the floor.

Get a top and bottom from your closet . I laid down a large rain jacket and baggy pants on top. Then I traced around adding approx 1-1/2" extra for the seam.

Leave extra length in the sleeves so they are not too short. You can trim the if you need to later.

The feet are tricky. I just cut out huge balloon feet and trimmed them later. I am not much of a darter but I bet that would be a better way to sew this. I simply made my feet large enough to bend at the ankles with out cutting off my circulation. Adding leather or vinyl to the soles would be a nice upgrade!

Step 3: Include a Zipper Leg

Your suit will be much easier to get on and off if you include a zipper down one leg. Instead of adding your own, use one of the existing bag zippers.

I used my mummy bag's zipper.

This step is accomplished during the pattern cutting of the second bag.

Lay out your second bag on the floor but keep it zipped. Line up the zipper with one of you legs. Safety pin the pants to the bag. spread the bag out flat with your pants on top. Now cut a slit down the back of the bag's mid line.

Spread out the bag flat on the floor, add your top pattern (jacket), and trace. Cut out pattern as for first bag.

Line up the two bags and trim off any excess .

If using a mummy bag, you can use the head part to make a hood.

Step 4: Pin and Sew

Line up and pin your bags with the insides facing out. Cover the edges with quilt edging, the 2" wide size. Pin together with giant sized safety pins.

Start sewing. Use upholstery thread and a giant needle on a industrial sewing machine.

Step 5: Add a Pocket?

I added a pocket out of some of the leftovers. It is more stylish than functional, but it works for me.

Step 6: Try It Out!

I wear my suit when I just can't get warm and don't want to wear a bunch of layers.

And you can take a little nap too!

Step 7: Store It.

I used an extra stuff sack to store it.

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