Introduction: Slicing a Mango - Hawaiian Style

It's the beginning of Mango season here in Hawaii. Oh, yum! Ripe, colorful, sweet, juicy Hayden mangos are my most favorite fruit. These are like GOLD here and if you are friends with someone with a mango tree in their yard, you are more than lucky. To get the most out of your delicious fruit, you gotta know how to cut it.

Step 1: First Cut

You need a sharp knife. Hold the mango upright and start the cut to the right of the center stem. What you want to do here is to slice off the meaty part, but stay away from the mango seed.

Step 2: Second Cut

Turn the mango around and slice like step one. Now you have two mango slabs and the seed.

Step 3: Score the Slabs

Take your knife and score (don't cut all the way through)the slabs. Rotate it and score it again, making a graph pattern.

Step 4: Trun Inside Out

Grab the sides and push it inside out

Step 5: Sides

Cut sides close to the seed. Score.

Step 6: The Seed

You can eat what is left on the seed. It is juicy and sweet too!

Step 7: Enjoy Your Mango!

Nothing beats a sweet, cold mango on a warm day.

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