Introduction: Slide and Lock Bracelet

I used ABOK 781 as the button knot for this project.

You can use this as a soft shackle/carabiner.

(Substitute for a light duty metal carabiner/shackle)

Step 1: ABOK 781

MiIddle your cord.

Step 2:

Bring both ends down to the point you want to place your knot.


Step 3:

NOTE: In each of the following steps the text and the left hand photo describe what is to be done.

The right hand photo shows the result.

Step 4:

Bring B over to right.

Step 5:

Bring B under and up through bight b.

Step 6:

Bring A under the loop.

Step 7:

Bring A over and through bight a.

Step 8:

Tighten the knot.

Step 9:

Bring A under B.

Step 10:

Bring A under bight a.

Step 11:

Turn the knot over.

Step 12:

Bring B under bight b.

Step 13:

Bring A under the two circled strands.

Step 14:

Turn the knot over.

Step 15:

Bring B under the two circled strands.

The knot is complete.


Step 16: The Locking Knot

Take a separate piece of smaller cord and tie a simple overhand knot snugly around the loop. Leave a short tag end for easier grasping.

Trim off the ends (not shown).

Step 17:

Put the button through the loop and slide the locking knot to hold it in place