Introduction: Slider Halloween Costume

This is going to sound a little bit weird for a costume. I live near an amusement park and every Halloween they make it appropriately themed for the holiday. They have people dress up as zombies, creatures, etc. One of the creatures they have there is known as the Slider. The costume itself consists of pads that slide across the ground, being loud and very surprising. Today, I will try and show you how to make a DIY costume of the slider and hopefully you can scare the crap out of your friends, family or even trick or treaters!

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

1. Long sleeved pants

2. Boots or shoes you don't care about

3. Motorcycle knee pads

4. Duct tape

5. A smooth surface to slide on

Step 2: Long Sleeve Pants

You'll need long sleeve because A, you will be using some of your legs to slide on, and B, when you're securing the knee pads to your leg (more about that later).

Step 3: The Boots

When you'll be sliding you may ruin some of your boots so it's a good idea to use shoes or boots that you don't care about. As you can see from the intro, my boots have been torn up from sliding.

Step 4: Motorcycle Knee Pads

For this, I'll be using motorcycle knee pads to slide on. These can be a bit expensive, depending on where you get them. What you do with the pads is first and foremost, attach the pads OVER the pants, Secondly, you will need duct tape to secure the pads, because the straps on the pads are not enough to keep the pads in place. What you do is take duct tape and wrap it around your leg with the pads attached of coarse. Think of wrapping the duct tape like bandage tape. You will do this on the very bottom and the very top portion of the pads.

Step 5: The Smooth Surface

Alright your costume is complete, however, feel free to make it as creepy or scary as you'd wish. Now comes a very essential part to the sliding. You cannot just slide on regular concrete because there is too much friction that occurs. It's best to lay down some sort of tarp to slide on to prevent damaging your pads or even face planting. Depending on where you'll be sliding, if you will be doing it on very smooth concrete, like the types in garages, or any smooth terrain, this will work as well. Just play around with areas to see which works best for you!

Step 6: The Fun Part...

Alright, so you're ready. Here's a downloadable video on how it looks like to slide...

Also a few tips to making sure you get a good scare:

1. Dress up scary or creepy. It's one thing to see a monster, but it's another to see the monster sliding towards you in a scary fashion!

2. Hide behind something before sliding so they don't see you coming!

3. Wait to slide until your victims are almost in front of you. You don't want to slide into someone!

4. When sliding, make a loud noise or yell. A visual scare is good but when it gets audible, it make it even better!

5. Practice before you perform it for Halloween!