Introduction: Slingshot

This is my custom slingshot I made from a few simple tools. I used a nerf foregrip as the handle and the forks are made of three 2x4 Legos that are epoxied together and then glued to the handle. After all of that I then took electrical tape and taped it all around the slingshot for a nice look and to keep the forks on thee rigid. The forks are very strong and can handle the stress of the theraband.

Step 1: Band Setup

The bands are a single cut of theraband gold but are double tapered which means the price is folded which uses more theraband but you don't have to even up the bands if they were singled. The draw length is about 3 feet when shooting butterfly. Also the bands neutral lengths are 8 in. The bands are held into place with tape. I usually shoot .50 caliber marbles which weigh 84 grains. The marbles are shot at about 250 fps. Also I have a few ball bearings and slugs but I do not know there exact sizes. Also I shoot socket wrench parts of all different sizes.

Step 2: Kills

This has been my only kill so far and that round on his body is what I used to kill him. There was no penertration to the rabbit but it died from blunt force trauma. The round is to large and not fling fast as the marbles to get penertration but it did put it down really fast. You can see the blood coming from his ear. Possibly a burst ear drum.