Introduction: Slingshot Car ( English )

hello, this is our slingshot car! we participated in a project called "stem engineering" so, we created this to engage Cambodian children into creative activities. I guarantee that it is easy to make. all the materiel are also easy to find in Cambodia, so I hope we all can make it together.

these are my team members:

- Pollak Raksa Chea

- Vicheat Chornson Sum

-Virakbandith Thay

Step 1: Things That You Will Need:

there are some more alternatives that you can have. feel free to use anything that you think can work instead of the one we have in the photo.

- 7 pops tickle sticks

- 2 plastic straw

- four bottle caps

- two chopstick

- scissor and razor blade

- marker

- rubber band

- tapes

- glue gun

Step 2: Stick the Craft Stick Together, to Make Two Squares Shape That Connect to Each Other Like in the Picture.

you can stick into any shape that you want. example:

- triangle

- squares

- rectangle

- pentagon

- .......

Step 3: Measure Your Chopstick With the Width of the Shape That You Created and Then Cut It If Its Too Long

if the chopstick is not that long, you don't have to cut it.

Step 4: Cut 7-8cm of the Plastic Straw, and Then Put the Chopstick In, So It Can Help the Chopstick to Move Easier

Step 5: If the Chopstick Is Too Thick, Just Sharpen It to Make It Smaller

if it can roll smoothly inside the straw, you don't have to sharpen it

Step 6: Poke the Bottle Cap in the Middle With Knife or Scissor, So You Can Connect the Chopstick With It

Or you can use anything that have sharp ending point to poke the middle of the cap

Step 7: After You Connected It, Stick the Whole Thing at the Two Ending Side of the Shape That You Created.

Step 8: After You’re Done With All of Thing, This Is the Look That You Should Get

Step 9: Stick Rubber Band on to the Front of the Car With Glue or Tie It With String

Step 10: Stick the Pen or Marker That You Have on to the Ground With Tape

Step 11: Feel Free to Design Your Car However You Want!

Step 12: How to Play:

Attach the rubber band with the pen that you stick on the ground

Pull it backward as hard as you want Shot it seeeeeeeee?