Introduction: Slipped Overhand Knot Lanyard

This lanyard/zipper pull uses a slipped overhand knot as its base.

The idea for the knot came from drawings in:

"Knots, useful and ornamental" by Shaw, MCMXXIV.

Step 1:

Make an overhand knot.

Step 2:

Bring the working end (WE) through the overhand knot The loop will serve as the loop of the lanyard.

Step 3:

Bring WE up through the overhand knot making a bight.

Step 4:

Bring WE over to the right.

Step 5:

And down through the bight.

Step 6:

Pull on A to tighten up the bight.

Step 7:

Then pull pn WE to complete the knot. Tighten