Introduction: Slosh Pipe

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What the heck is a slosh pipe?!

No, it has nothing to do with making alcohol. It is a great versatile workout tool.

Essentially it is a long pipe with water inside. The water gives it weight for resistance exercises and the long pipe with an in even amount of water that “sloshes” around gives it an uneven center of gravity that forces the exerciser to engage more core and stabilizing muscles thus creating a more thorough full body work out.


10' 4" PVC pipe

4" end PVC End cap

4" end with valve, or pressure tester (Basically any 4" PVC end that can open and close*)

PVC glue (or any industrial glue water tightness may vary) -- Note pictured is not PVC glue I messed up and bought the wrong stuff.

*open and closing is for being able to change how much water is in the slosh pipe. If you don't care about being able to vary the amount of water you can just use two end caps.

Step 1: Getting the 10’ Pipe Home

We were able to finagle it into our RAV4. It was difficult and not without its mis steps. I don’t think you could get it home in a smaller vehicle not without lashing to the roof.

Step 2: Glue the The End Caps on the Pipe

Apply the pvc glue around each end of the pipe and secure the end caps.

The directions on the glue said to put it on the pipe and the place on the end caps in a torque motion.

I think that as long as it’s between the pipe and the cap it will be fine. Just make sure it’s water tight when it dries. If it’s not add more glue around the seams.

Let dry over night.

Step 3: Fill With Water and Tighten the Valve

How much water you add will depend on your exercise level and your goals. Start light and add more as you get stronger.

The valve is key. You could make one with two end cap and never change the amount of water. What I don’t recommend is one of the screw cap ends. I made my first one with that. It didn’t screw on right and leaked all the time and I couldn’t unscrew it to fix it or change the water.

Step 4: Work Out

Exercises you can do are:
over head squat
Over head press
Bench press
Walking lunge ( with arms over head or with it held to your chest)
Trunk twists

Really anything you can think of. There are great workouts online for this device. Perhaps I’ll do an instructable for the work outs too.

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