Introduction: Slow Cooker Terrine

Making Terrine looks daunting, but with a Slow Cooker it is really quite easy and cheap to do.

For not a lot of money or time, you can create a stunning centrepiece for your next party or just a quiet Sunday afternoon and your friends won’t believe you made it yourself!

You Need:

Slow Cooker

Loaf Pan



Brick or heavy weight that fits your Loaf Pan


500g Pork Mince

2 x Chicken Thighs

2 x slices of Pork Belly or Neck

Bacon Slices

Pistachio Nuts



Thyme (could be Dried)

Fresh Sage Leaves

Step 1:

Dice the Chicken and Pork into small cubes

Step 2:

Add the Chicken, Pork, Salt and Pepper (to taste, but I use a lot), Pistachio Nuts and Thyme to the Pork Mince.

Mix this thoroughly with your hands

Step 3:

Line the Loaf Pan with Cling-wrap

Step 4:

Arrange the fresh Sage Leaves in the bottom of the pan, try to make a pattern or at least be neat, this will be seen when you serve the Terrine.

Step 5:

Line the Loaf Pan with the Bacon, making sure the pieces overlap and come up the sides of the pan and beyond

Step 6:

Now fill the Loaf Pan with the Pork and Chicken mixture, make sure to press it in firmly to eliminate air pockets

Slightly overfill the pan

Step 7:

Top the mixture with Bacon and fold the ends of the lining bacon over the top

Now fold the cling-wrap over the top and cover the pan with foil, this will prevent any steam from getting in

Step 8:

Place the Loaf Pan in the Slow cooker, turn on to low and carefully pour in boiling water till it is ¾ the way up the sides of the pan

Place the lid on top of the slow cooker.

Now go and do something else for 6 hours

Step 9:

After 6 hours turn the slow cooker off and carefully remove the Loaf Pan from the Slow Cooker.

Careful it will be HOT, I use silicone gloves.

Wrap the brick in foil and place on top of the Terrine, I find a small block of wood helpful if the brick is a little big for the pan. This will keep pressure on the mixture as it cools.

Put the pan on a tray in case of spillage and put the whole thing in the fridge to cool overnight

Step 10:

When you are ready to serve, remove the pan from the fridge, and lift off the weight.

Step 11:

Unwrap the foil and cling-wrap and use the cling-wrap to loosen the Terrine from the pan

Step 12:

Turn the pan over onto a board and carefully lift the pan off then unwrap and remove the cling-wrap

Step 13:

Serve with toast slices and pickle

Step 14: Shelf Life

The Terrine will last a week in the refrigerator.

Terrine freezes well, wrap in cling wrap twice, or slice and vac seal before freezing. Store in the freezer for up to 6 month.

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