Introduction: Small Clutch

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Hi, today I will show you the easiest way to make your own small clatch

Step 1: Materials

  • Pen
  • Exacto knife
  • Rhinestones
  • leather string
  • Red string
  • Clear plastic box (or any material)
  • Cutting board sewing (or any cutting board)
  • Marble scrapbook paper
  • Glue gun
  • Quilting weight cotton fabric - 2 fabrics for the outside and one for the linning
  • Mid to heavy weight fusible interfacing( I used tissue paper)

Step 2: Choosing a Surface

Make sure that the box that you chose is clean. If not make sure it has a smooth surface.

We will need this surface to start our clutch.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Fabric

Measure and cut the fabric For the main outside fabric (mine is yellow with leafs design), cut one piece (measuring as you need). For the fold-over flap fabric, cut two pieces (measuring as you need).For the lining, cut one piece measuring (measuring as you need). For the fusible web, cut one piece measuring (measuring as you need).

Step 4: Piece the Outside Together

Start to place to glue under the fusible interfacing.

Step 5: Gluing

With right sides of outer and lining fabrics together, glue sides, edges along both longer plastic box

Step 6: Now Repeat Step 3-4 With the Quilting Cotton Fabric

Step 7: Inside

Measure and Cut Marble scrapbook paper. Use a piece of Marble scrapbook paper to cover up the base.

Step 8: Leather Bow

  • Cut leather string
  • Being careful not to twist the ribbon
  • Fold the ribbon length back and forth
  • Forming two loops at the top and one loop in the bottom center
  • Cross the top right loop over the top left loop
  • Fold what is now the left loop down behind the right loop and then through the bottom loop
  • Pull the top loops taut, forming a knot in the center of the bow.
  • Trim the tails

Step 9: Red Bow

  • Cut Red string
  • repeat steps 9-12

Step 10: Rhinestones

Glue one (or more)Rhinestones

Step 11: Enjoy !