Introduction: Small Gas Engine Holder

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Ideas on how to make a model airplane gas engine stand.

Step 1: Ideas

First off I have to say that i did not design, make or build this engine stand. My great grandfather made it many, many years ago. I was passed down to me from my grandfather. My great grandfather was a very igneous man. An old German sailor who was in a submarine during WW1 told him that when you're at the bottom of the ocean you can't buy a replacement part down there. You either made what you needed or you died down there. My grandfather took this to heart, so to speak, and made many things that other people would have just bought.When the price of a hair cut went up to a quarter he decided to cut his own hair to save money.(He lived during the great depression) He saved old bent nails and straighten them to use later. When his slippers started to fall apart ,instead of buying new ones he duct taped them to make them last longer. He wasn't some cheap penny pincher. He was very frugal. He didn't have money to spare. He had a family to support. So I'm dedicating this instructable to him.

Step 2: Guess Work.

I'm afraid that I can't be very helpful with this one. The pictures will have to answer most of your questions. The wood appears to be some kind of soft wood. Maybe pine. I would think you could use 3/4 inch plywood. the bolts appear to be 1/4 carriage bolts about 6 to 8 inches long, with wing nuts on the ends. You put the motor in between the blocks and side them together and screw the wing nuts down. I hope this gives you some ideas.

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