Introduction: Small/ Large Survival Kit

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A smaller survival kit inside a larger one.

Step 1: Finding a Good Case

This mint container I've had forever. I saw all the instructables on here and just decided to make my own. I'm in Cosmetology school so I always carry extra bobby pins and supplies with me.

Step 2: The Smaller Kit.

Here are what I put in the smaller tin. Safety pins Allergy pill (I'm allergic to everything) Bobby pins in a container that had beads In it( I also make jewelry) A flash drive A dollar And about 4 quarters 2 cotton swabs A little dart-thing Tin foil A couple little rubber bands House key Paper clips Needle threader 2 pieces of gum (any kind) Key rings I'm pretty sure this will all fit! It's my very first time making this so I hope it will:) Oh and everything can be put in little baggies or containers.

Step 3: Little Bead Container With Bobby Pins in It

Aproxx. 10 fit in it!

Step 4: Here Is the Small Kit All Packed Together!

Step 5: The Bottom

Cotton swabs, house key, flash drive, needle threader, bobby pins in case, dart thing

Step 6: The Top

Squares of tin foil paper clipped to the dollar, allergy pill and 4 quarters.

Step 7: Tape the Stuff to the Top

Step 8: Put the Paper Clips, Rubber Bands and Safety Pins in a Little Bag

Put it on the top of the stuff on the bottom

Step 9: There It Is!

It wouldn't close so I took the flash drive out in the end