Introduction: Small Paper Holder & Small Paper Organizer

About: (love to share) some projects simply translate or modification of an existing project

this project makes small paper holders and organizers from cigarette packs

if you make a craft from pieces of paper or need a place to store pieces of paper for labels, you can use this

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You need a cigarette pack and cutter

Step 2: 4 Holder

remove the contents of the paper in the cigarette pack

Step 3: Use of Holder

Calendar print on A4 paper is divided into 4 and can be installed on this holder

or you can write or print other things to be installed in this holder

Step 4: 4 Organizer

for the organizer there are additional steps

cut the cigarette cover and cut the top side of the cigarette pack slightly and bend it inwards so that it can be used to hold the paper to be stored

Step 5: Finish

now you have a small paper holder or organizer

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