Introduction: Small Pet Wooden Chew Toy (from Scrap Wood)

My bird destroys any store bought toys very quickly, so I decided to make my own out of some scrap wood that we had left over from making a bunny hutch.


-Scrap wood (thin strips work best)

-Wooden beads

-16 gauge aluminum wire


-1/8 inch drill bit

-Drill (cordless is easiest)

-Garden shears

-Needle-nose pliers

-Wire cutters

Step 1: Cutting the Wooden Strips

Use the garden shears to cut squares or rectangles from the sturdiest of the scrap wood.

Step 2: Drilling the Holes in the Wood

With the 1/8'' drill bit, make holes in the center of the wooden squares.

Step 3: Cut the Wire

Cut the 16 gauge wire with the wire cutters to the desired length, keeping in mind the amount of wood and beads, and the wire needed for attachment and the bottom.

Step 4: Choose Your Bottom.

A; the big wooden block

B; the small bead bottom

The bead bottom is flimsier, but looks better, while the block is more work and looks less streamlined, but is sturdier.

Step 5: Option 1: Block Bottom

Drill two holes in a small wooden block, thread the wire through both holes and twist to join at the top.

Step 6: Option 2: Bead Bottom

Twist the end of the wire with the needle-nose pliers and add a small bead that won't fall off, this bead will the hold something larger that would have fallen off if not for the bead.

Step 7: Add the Wood

Alternate the beads and wooden strips. Different patterns look better than others, but consistency generally looks better.

Step 8: Finish!!!

Twist the top to keep the beads on, or use the pliers to add a loop for attaching to a cage or hook.

Step 9: Let Your Pets Enjoy!!!!

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