Introduction: Small Rustic Utility Shelf

This is a great starter project and would make a great gift for a loved one of family member


The tools you need for this project

  • Metal band
  • saw,
  • grinder
  • speed square
  • tap measure
  • welder
  • propane torch
  • sander
  • A wood saw of some kind you can use multiple


  • 1in square tubing
  • 1x1 angle wooden 2x4

Step 1: Step One

Cut the 1'' inch square tubing to 26'' inches on the metal band saw or whatever it is you are using to cut with.

Make sure to take a flapper wheel on the grinder and take off any sharp edges or any ruff spots on your metal.

After you cut the tubing cut the 1x1 angle you will need to cut 8 pieces at 16'' inches and 8 more pieces at 4'' inches.

On the small 4'' inch pieces cut a 1'' inch notch on both sides like in the picture so they sit perfectly square with the longer pieces of angle.

Step 2: Step Two

Now it's time to weld once you have cut all the pieces you need.

Set the 16'' inch angle pieces and 4'' inch angle pieces up to make you shelf frame.

Then use the speed square to square your frame and then clamp them down so they don't move.

Now once everything is clamped down start welding.

Do this 4 times to make all 4 shelf frames of your utility shelf.

Step 3: Final Frame Assembly

Now after the shelf frames are built its time to weld your legs on.

Place the shelf frames 71/2 inches from top of the lower one to bottom of the next one up so your shelf spacing

is all the same distance apart.

After that is done clamp everything in place and tack weld shelfs on.

Then you can remove clamps and finish welding out the pieces.

Step 4: Wood Time

Now we have to cut wood for the shelfs.

I used 2x4s that are 15 3/4 inches long to fit down in the frame you made.

Then i took the boards over to the sanders and sanded them down nice and smooth.

Once i was done with that i used the propane torch and torched the wood to get the really cool burnt look on my wood.