Introduction: Small Scale Weapons for Upcoming Sculptures

About: long time collector and tinkerer with industrial castoffs....presently un-empoyed and looking to turn my passions into a career.

if you follow me you will see that my projects tend to be small scale sculptures (1:6 -1:10 ) and are roughly humanoid.

My "process" is to make the accessories (weapon's, tools, vehicle's, etcetera.) and then build the sculpture to utilize them.

Some have articulated joints so they can be used in stop action animations, or electronics built in for lighting or sound effects.

I have a long (storied) history in weapons design and unusual application of common or salvaged electronics, and though I am an avid target shooter I do not hunt, or hang out with people who do not respect weapons.

in brief: the posted picture is of a bull-pup sniper rifle (with a functional sliding barrel recoil system similar to the Barrett 50, a Dragonov style scope mount, and a long muzzle break / supressor), that is made out of parts from a "assortment bag" of small brass tubes and scrap pieces.

this instructible will be an ongoing project containing mostly images of project's and step's I used to make them.

Step 1:

if you note the bolt and barrel position in the 2 photos you will see that it is similar to the way a Barrett 50 functions. A gunsmith would see several flaws with the design, but it is meant to be a fantasy weapon...

Step 2: Chain Gun / Pistol

this was supposed to be a hand held Gatling cannon but the motor to spin the chambers burned out during assembly so I just made it a "pew-pew" ray gun with chain gun elements....still turned out sort of cool.

Step 3: Sniper

I installed a basic (but sort of cool design) bi-pod and modified an older sculpture (I keep a supply of in-complete projects around just in case I need to scavenge them for parts). In this case the scale matched up to the gun.

It still needs some "finish work" (paint touch-up), still debating if a "Guilly suit" is necessary

(just a note: the right eye of the original body was missing so I put in a "steam punk-ish" brass thoughts on this was that since it was a basic optical sight maybe the sniper had an implanted optic interface to trigger the gun faster when on target....think the sniper on "ghost in the shell")