Introduction: Smallest Machine Gun Possible in Minecraft

In this ible' I will be showing you how to make (as the title suggests) the smallest possible machine gun in Minecraft.

Step 1: Resources Needed for the Bare Circuit

You will need:

- 1 x Solid Block of your Choice

- 1 x Dispenser

- 1 x Repeater

- 1 x Comparator

- 4 x Redstone Dust

- 1x Lever

Step 2: Area for the Circuit

For the circuit you will need a 2x4x2 area.

Step 3: Placement I

Place the lever in the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Placement II

Place 1 piece of redstone dust behind the lever.

Step 5: Placement III

Place the comparator behind the redstone dust and click on it once to put it into subtract mode.

Step 6: Placement IV

Place the remaining pieces of redstone dust around the comparator as shown above.

Step 7: Placement V

Place a repeater to the right of the first piece of redstone dust we placed as shown above, the repeater can be used to regulate the speed at which the dispenser will fire.

Step 8: Placement VI

Place the block of your choice infinite of the repeater we placed before and place the dispenser above it as shon above.

Step 9: The Bare Circuit Is Finished

You have now completed the bare circuit! Fill up the dispenser with arrows (or fire charges or snowballs or eggs) and give it a quick tester to see if everything works and you should be done. If you are like me however, and like to conceal the redstone to some extent, keep reading.

Quick tip: to fill up the dispenser quickly, hold the arrows on your hand and hover over another stack of arrows with them and Shift+Double-Click and all the arrows in you inventory should have gone into the dispenser. This works with all types of storage blocks a.k.a chest, ender chests, etc..

Step 10: Decoration

My only suggestion: let your imagination flow XD

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