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Hi everyone !!

Today I am going To share with you guys, something which I wanted since a long time

A DIY Smart Glasses built just around 25$

Now lets DIE - Do It Extremely

Step 1: Features of the Glasses :-

It uses Bluetooth to show message received
It connects to Wi-fi in order to get present time
It is equipped with Wi-fi Camera
It can also be used as a spy camera
Shows incoming and outgoing calls
Shows reminders, and important dates
Shows Date and Time with both bluetooth and Wifi
Have a small uv light (helpful in dark conditions)
RFID for different purposes (here for attendence)
Can be used as an automation to control home appliances
Shows weather forecasting

Step 2: MNBO - Materials Needed to Build One :

Let me tell you that i bought all of them at the given price at my nearby local retailer…
If you buy it online price may differ a little bit
Arduino nano (around 2$)
Oled 0.96" ( around 2$)
Bluetooth module HC-05 (around 4$)
Esp 12E smd (around 2.5$)
Esp 32 Cam (around 6$)
Extended cable camera (around 3$)
Rfid tag (around 2$ for complete kit)
Node mcu (for making rfid wireless)
Lipo battery 380ma (around 3$)
Tp4056 charging module(around 1$)
Some switches…
Wires and some minor components

Buying tip : try to find a store nearby the components are always cheaper at the local stores (Based on my experiences) or try to buy from chinese sites like ali express, etc..

Step 3: Making the Enclosure

We started this journey by making the enclosure for the Glasses. As I didn’t own a 3d printer, I used a 2mm thick MDF Board (Generally used in Photoframing) to create the required enclosure.

First we started by preparing a rough ouline of the Parts needed on the board using a pencil, we continued the journey by cutting all the parts using a hacksaw further sanding them with a 100 grid sandpaper and after some action we used a 150 grid sandpaper to finalize the parts.

Next on the way we joined all the parts as according to our 3d model using some super glue and further we attached a mirror along with a double convex lens of focal length 120mm at their respected positions.

Step 4: Electronics

Next is the electronics
I soldered all the components with thin wires acording to my schematic

I was confused for the interface for the glass so i used some opensource codes from the esp8266 library altered them and uploaded them to the esp..

Note - you actually need to some 10k resistor to the esp in order to program it

Next for the bluetooth i wrote few lines of code which has the ability to receive the data from the smartphone and then send the same to the glass..
I wanted to open up the message manually so i added three buttons :
For menu
For selecting
For moving down

Next i designed a app for the bluetooth using MIT app inventor

After doing all these
I programed the esp 32 based cam with the web cam program available in its example code

Then i inserted all these components into the enclosure and sealed it completely using hotglue

Sorry as I was not able to capture the complete moments, but make sure that if you have any confusion regarding anything in this build, Kindly feel free to ask.

Anyway moving on…

Step 5: Making Another Enclosure for the Battery

As the enclosure was very small, i was not able to insert the battery and its charging module so i added them on the other side of the spectacles after making a new enclosure for the same

Next i added a Rfid tag in it
So that i could link it to my wireless attendence system which i built by help of a demonstration video i saw here:

Now after all these i sealed all the parts painted them with spray paint and i was done with the project

Step 6: Concluding With the Result

After I was done with the same, which was pretty straight forward, I went on to Giving life (Colours) to my Project and after a successful process of giving it a life, I added a piece of small glass at the front as the screen for the glasses and then after all these hard works, I was left with a DIE (Do It Extremely) piece of great looking project, next I headed towards the testing of the project……

After a successful testing I declared it running flawlessly

Now I was able to observe some things like time, date, weather directly into my glasses and further I was able to control my appliances, read messages, watch weather forecasting, live-stream what I see through internet, make attendance wirelessly, capture movements and much more….

I would say that this was the best project I built in my life ever, it was even noted that just by simple laws of reflection, person standing in front of me cannot observe the things being displayed on the screen as I was.

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